Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I know ,I know ....

It's been awhile !!!
But I have an excuse ,I am busy !!!! What ? Not valid ?

While perusing my store,I have to do some reshop , you know ,the stuff that you put in your cart and decide 30 seconds later that you don't want anymore ! So you have 4 options
,one :drop it wherever you are
Two: leave it on top of the fridge while you unload your crap at the register .
Three: give it to the cashier who has a cart or a bin especially for that purpose
Four:DON'T TOUCH IT ,unless you are 200% sure you will buy it !

One more problem ,you buy it and return it ! At least keep the package ,tag that comes with it !!!!
So ,that's call reshop !!!!!
Well ,I was checking the location of a pillow pet ,angry bird ,and I have this little gadget that looks like a gun ,a pda,I scan that darn monstrosity ,and it came up as "angry bird pillow ass!"

I have been busy in the cosmetic aisle for about a week ,well putting me in there is like putting an elephant to sell skis ! I had absolutely no clue what those women were asking me !!!
Usually,it starts with the famous one liner : do you work here? Hum ,I am pretty much destroying the whole aisle ,and i wear the famous uniforms with the name of the store on it ,and. Name tag ...
I was just supposed to set those aisles ,take everything down ,and move it 1 foot away ...but nooooo,women were just eager to ask me where the hell I put THEIR stuff ..I dunno !
Primer ,I told the woman to go to home depot ...well nope ,we carry primer for the face,who knew ( not me )
Powder fondation ,almost beige ...well could not get it right ,not beige ,almost beige ...
Colored mascara : i don't even know what it is !!!!
Invisible concealer : well crap ,is it a concealer or is it invisible ?And what does it do ? I am thinking like the invisible cloak from harry potter .
The nail polish names are baffling to me : almost peachy ,seduce , nude,buff,sunset ,but why not name those blue ,yellow ,red ,orange ?..and one woman wanted a clear nailpolish without formaldehyde....yep ,right up my list. !!!!

And don't get me started on the pseudo anti aging crap at $70 a pop ! Give me a break !!!

Things that makes you wonder :
We carry unscented vanilla candle !!!
Motts all natural fruit snacks ,sounds promising ,but here are the ingredients :fruit and vegetable juice from concentrate (apple, grape, carrot, sweet potato), corn syrup, sugar, modified food starch (corn), gelatin, citric acid, natural flavor, acerola extract (vitamin c), sodium citrate, white mineral oil, carnauba wax. Really ??????

Rant ! Beware !
To the two women who wanted to share a dressing room while trying on lingerie ! BITE ME. !!!!
To all those women who are again this year trying on swimsuits ,don't forget ,your ass is not the only one that went in it !!!!and if aunt flow is visiting ,use a tampon ,or don't try anything on !!!!
To that old bag ,yep ,I know we have tons of hangers in the closet right behind me ,but YOU brought a hanger inide the fitting room ,common courtesy would be to bring it back out !

That's all folks !!!!

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