Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I know ,I know ....

It's been awhile !!!
But I have an excuse ,I am busy !!!! What ? Not valid ?

While perusing my store,I have to do some reshop , you know ,the stuff that you put in your cart and decide 30 seconds later that you don't want anymore ! So you have 4 options
,one :drop it wherever you are
Two: leave it on top of the fridge while you unload your crap at the register .
Three: give it to the cashier who has a cart or a bin especially for that purpose
Four:DON'T TOUCH IT ,unless you are 200% sure you will buy it !

One more problem ,you buy it and return it ! At least keep the package ,tag that comes with it !!!!
So ,that's call reshop !!!!!
Well ,I was checking the location of a pillow pet ,angry bird ,and I have this little gadget that looks like a gun ,a pda,I scan that darn monstrosity ,and it came up as "angry bird pillow ass!"

I have been busy in the cosmetic aisle for about a week ,well putting me in there is like putting an elephant to sell skis ! I had absolutely no clue what those women were asking me !!!
Usually,it starts with the famous one liner : do you work here? Hum ,I am pretty much destroying the whole aisle ,and i wear the famous uniforms with the name of the store on it ,and. Name tag ...
I was just supposed to set those aisles ,take everything down ,and move it 1 foot away ...but nooooo,women were just eager to ask me where the hell I put THEIR stuff ..I dunno !
Primer ,I told the woman to go to home depot ...well nope ,we carry primer for the face,who knew ( not me )
Powder fondation ,almost beige ...well could not get it right ,not beige ,almost beige ...
Colored mascara : i don't even know what it is !!!!
Invisible concealer : well crap ,is it a concealer or is it invisible ?And what does it do ? I am thinking like the invisible cloak from harry potter .
The nail polish names are baffling to me : almost peachy ,seduce , nude,buff,sunset ,but why not name those blue ,yellow ,red ,orange ?..and one woman wanted a clear nailpolish without formaldehyde....yep ,right up my list. !!!!

And don't get me started on the pseudo anti aging crap at $70 a pop ! Give me a break !!!

Things that makes you wonder :
We carry unscented vanilla candle !!!
Motts all natural fruit snacks ,sounds promising ,but here are the ingredients :fruit and vegetable juice from concentrate (apple, grape, carrot, sweet potato), corn syrup, sugar, modified food starch (corn), gelatin, citric acid, natural flavor, acerola extract (vitamin c), sodium citrate, white mineral oil, carnauba wax. Really ??????

Rant ! Beware !
To the two women who wanted to share a dressing room while trying on lingerie ! BITE ME. !!!!
To all those women who are again this year trying on swimsuits ,don't forget ,your ass is not the only one that went in it !!!!and if aunt flow is visiting ,use a tampon ,or don't try anything on !!!!
To that old bag ,yep ,I know we have tons of hangers in the closet right behind me ,but YOU brought a hanger inide the fitting room ,common courtesy would be to bring it back out !

That's all folks !!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Full circle....

I decided to clean my closet ,gave away tons of stuff to good will...I was so happy to have a clean closet!
But then ,I was bored,so Bored I decided to reapply to get my job back..well kinda the same job,just different hours.!
I went online,applied  on monday night,thinking I would have a couple of weeks to get ready! But no,on wednesday I got a call for an" interview",I went to the non -interview,just had to fill some paperwork,and 10 days  later ,I would be able to start! that following friday ,I receive a phone asking me to start that in less than a week,I got a job!
Huge dilemma,where are my pants? no really ? where are my ugly Khaki pants? Oh no! Goddwill!
I went to my local Goodwill store and found MY pants!I bought my pants back!$4 a piece!

So ,I am back!!!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dazed and confused!

That is what I think of men coming to the store the day before the big day ( Christmas,valentine's day ,and of course mother's day)...
Those creatures are walking aimlessly in the store,from the lingerie section to the hardware ,thru the domestic area and finally the electronics...and of course at the last minute.
Same old question ,where are the flowers? sorry don't have any ....
Do you think my wife will like that? and he shows me some pots and pans...I asked him if his wife liked to cook ,he says not really...he understood his error...he heads for the vacuums,she likes to vacuums  he said..

An another guy buys 2 kindles,one for his wife and one for his they won't complained he said,because i spent more on the other one.

We always see them in the middle of the store ,at the hallmark section ,reading all of the cards,and nodding and putting them back...poor things,they don't have a clue.

The brave ones will bring their kids with them,who are squirming ,screaming ,crying...and they are asking their offsprings what mommy will like...a barbie says one,a nerf gun,more crying because daddy didn't like their ideas...maybe a box of condoms ....

The ones who buy lingerie,what a great boomerang gift .it reminds me of a coworker who told me her husband got her one year for her birthday a gun ,one that HE really wanted...for his birthday ,she got him a sewing machine!

but at least they are trying...

on the side note,we have to ask for ID for some medication and the alcohol,sorry I can't just look at you ,I know you are really really really old,but the damn computer won't let me...yes ,I understand that some of your underwears are old enough to buy alcohol by themselves,thanks for sharing ....

Friday, April 22, 2011

Paper Towels!

How can someone be mad when I hand them some paper towels?
yep,lady,you ! you were on your phone texting god knows what,while your unsupervised 2 year old spilled a huge cup of  blue Icee on the carpeted area! I handed you some paper towels that we find in our "spill stations"...and you looked at me as if I had 2 heads,I did you a favor by pointed out where the trashcan was!
But then you told me to stop following you and your son,like I told you ,I was just picking up after your son who had a blast  taking everything he could off the hangers,shelves ,and tables.oh,by the way ,have a nice day too !
and young lady ,I gave you a card with a 5 on it  when you went inside the fitting room,because you had 5 pairs of shorts! and you come out with 4,I simply asked to get  me the 5th one that you surely left in the stall! boy ,it took you a while to get back out,and strangely enough ,the last pair of shorts didn't have a tag on! and please smile,you are being taped,and your picture will be available for  the employees to look at....

and who on earth leave their old dirty bras inside the fitting room?  I also found dirty diapers,and used feminine products!

lady on the phone ,are you  freaking listening to what I am saying?
I am sorry we do not have any blue polo shirts in toddler size,we only have white.
you then asked me if we had some yellow ones.

and you old lazy old lady that is supposed to be working with me,get off you lazy butt and work! a 15 mn break is 15 mn ,not 45 ,and  a 30mn lunch doesn't last 1hr! crazy old bat!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

the other magical store....

It seems that there is a magical other store somewhere in la la land that will let customers get a sale price from 2 weeks ago,that will let them get money back on used stuff because they just don't like it anymore.
That magical other store also let them choose the price they want to pay,and that they can get a discount because they belong to AARP,or AAA...
In that store ,every single check lane is opened,and every single cashier is smiling ...
They also open earlier than we do  and stay open a lot later!
you can also have something shipped there from an another store,and they call you when it is there.they also offer raincheck on everything in the store,even if the ad says no raincheck and then call them when the item is finally instock!
and if you buy something online that needs to be assembled,you can bring it to the store ,and someone will assemble it for you for free.
and of course you can bring your pet inside the store if it stays inside the cart!
that store  also offers curbside pick up,and personnal shoppers,and the employes reorganize the trunk of customer's car ...
and the customers get really upset when we don't agree with them,or bend the rules just for them,because ,you know ,the other store will do it! or even worst case scenario,they tell us that they will go shopping at walmart! oh my poor heart!

Today ,a supervisor came to my rescue  and escorted one customer outside, who was yelling at me !I didn't keep an eye on her stuff( 30 or so swimsuits she wanted to try on) while she went inside the fitting room to try on more swimsuits...
The swimsuit war will be for an another post !( I can't believe how many women try on the same exact swimsuit or bras.... yuck....)

today's number of steps in 8hrs : 20849 ( from clocking in to clocking out)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Purchase versus transaction.

whoever decided to have only 2 cashiers on the schedule on a friday evening needs to be fed to aligators....

on my walkie I hear "back up needed at the frontlane"...oh great ,I have a hundreds of  onesies size newborn  to refold for the tenth time but who cares,not that woman with 3 kids who was talking on the phone and let her kids run wild in the infant dept,maybe someone else will go ,maybe??? shoot ...the managers calls out my name...dammit dammit least I won't find an other pair of baby pants with snots on it for a while..
I open a register ,and here comes busy woman who unloads 20 deo,12 shampoos,5 softeners etc and at the end gives me her crap load of coupons...
 me: well ,I can't accept this coupons,this one or this one,and certainly not the duplicate one from target,see the little fine print " one per transaction " ,well it means one .
lady: but I was able to use multiple ones the last time,and beside you took the 7 for the purex .
me: I know ,but the one for the purex says one per purchase  not one for per transaction.
lady : hum what? that is the same
me: not it is not,you are doing one transaction with your multiple purchases.
maybe I should have a dictionary next to me...

and here comes a couple arguing,he is spending too much ,and of course doesn't have enough money ,she is complaining and takes a $20 out of her bra ,deep in there , and hands it to me....noooooooooooooo.I can see the other cashiers laughing.apparently she is a regular,and that is where she stashes her money....purell please!!!!

tantrum 4 year old who wants a candy ...and mommy finally after 15 mn gives in ,after tantrum kid unwrap candy,but tantrum kid doesn't want the candy she opens and wants a different one.mommy gets a different one and hands it to me,I asked her about the one her kid opened,and seems annoyed that I saw that..well duh,you are going to pay for it..

overpleasing mommy who apologized to her 7 year old son who dropped his icee on the floor in front of my register. oh ,the icee  was too slippery,he didn't mean to do it...she is going to go buy him an another one...but not clean teh mess..leave it to me to do it... 

Personal shopper?

Some people have gone to the deep end.
8.30 am,a woman calls  ,and wants to have some little girls shoes size 4 ,and she wants those to be put on hold .we only had 1 pair out of the 2,I even went to the backroom to get them and walked all the way to the front of the store to drop them off at the guest service. No wonder  I average  17000 steps a day.
A couple hours later ,she calls back,and wants a different pair to be put on hold,she is on her computer at home,I go and check ,and we do not have it ( even though on the internet it says we had some ,well lady ,we don't have any).She wanted some shoes with heels and white only.
lady: my daughter wants some  with heels.
me: we don't have any her size.
lady: maybe you could find some flat ones,that are not sparkly,and that would go with a dress that is not dressy,blue and green.
me: I can't shop for you
lady:I am not asking you to shop for me,I just want you to find some shoes,so my husband can pick them up,he works down the street from the store.
me: I really don't have time to do that ,you are welcome to come to  the store.
Bitch : I want to talk to a manager!
Angel: go ahead! ( I hung up on her)
I went ahead and talk to my supervisor,and he gave me a Tee shirt and a pedometer!
Talked to another supervisor who advise the phone operator to block that woman from calling the floor...

well she called again! and guess what? she wanted to know if we had the shoes she wanted yesterday  ( the ones we didn't have)..noone on the floor wanted to take the call,she was on hold for 30mn...

today's steps: 17342!