Saturday, April 16, 2011

the other magical store....

It seems that there is a magical other store somewhere in la la land that will let customers get a sale price from 2 weeks ago,that will let them get money back on used stuff because they just don't like it anymore.
That magical other store also let them choose the price they want to pay,and that they can get a discount because they belong to AARP,or AAA...
In that store ,every single check lane is opened,and every single cashier is smiling ...
They also open earlier than we do  and stay open a lot later!
you can also have something shipped there from an another store,and they call you when it is there.they also offer raincheck on everything in the store,even if the ad says no raincheck and then call them when the item is finally instock!
and if you buy something online that needs to be assembled,you can bring it to the store ,and someone will assemble it for you for free.
and of course you can bring your pet inside the store if it stays inside the cart!
that store  also offers curbside pick up,and personnal shoppers,and the employes reorganize the trunk of customer's car ...
and the customers get really upset when we don't agree with them,or bend the rules just for them,because ,you know ,the other store will do it! or even worst case scenario,they tell us that they will go shopping at walmart! oh my poor heart!

Today ,a supervisor came to my rescue  and escorted one customer outside, who was yelling at me !I didn't keep an eye on her stuff( 30 or so swimsuits she wanted to try on) while she went inside the fitting room to try on more swimsuits...
The swimsuit war will be for an another post !( I can't believe how many women try on the same exact swimsuit or bras.... yuck....)

today's number of steps in 8hrs : 20849 ( from clocking in to clocking out)

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  1. Ca va tes superviseurs ont l'air assez reglo dans l'ensemble... a mon Shop Rite (supermarche de bouffe), la chef caissiere est une biatch qui parle a ses employes comme a des chiens, je ne peux pas l'encadrer :(
    (C'est gaelle du NJ)