Friday, April 22, 2011

Paper Towels!

How can someone be mad when I hand them some paper towels?
yep,lady,you ! you were on your phone texting god knows what,while your unsupervised 2 year old spilled a huge cup of  blue Icee on the carpeted area! I handed you some paper towels that we find in our "spill stations"...and you looked at me as if I had 2 heads,I did you a favor by pointed out where the trashcan was!
But then you told me to stop following you and your son,like I told you ,I was just picking up after your son who had a blast  taking everything he could off the hangers,shelves ,and tables.oh,by the way ,have a nice day too !
and young lady ,I gave you a card with a 5 on it  when you went inside the fitting room,because you had 5 pairs of shorts! and you come out with 4,I simply asked to get  me the 5th one that you surely left in the stall! boy ,it took you a while to get back out,and strangely enough ,the last pair of shorts didn't have a tag on! and please smile,you are being taped,and your picture will be available for  the employees to look at....

and who on earth leave their old dirty bras inside the fitting room?  I also found dirty diapers,and used feminine products!

lady on the phone ,are you  freaking listening to what I am saying?
I am sorry we do not have any blue polo shirts in toddler size,we only have white.
you then asked me if we had some yellow ones.

and you old lazy old lady that is supposed to be working with me,get off you lazy butt and work! a 15 mn break is 15 mn ,not 45 ,and  a 30mn lunch doesn't last 1hr! crazy old bat!

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