Friday, April 15, 2011

Personal shopper?

Some people have gone to the deep end.
8.30 am,a woman calls  ,and wants to have some little girls shoes size 4 ,and she wants those to be put on hold .we only had 1 pair out of the 2,I even went to the backroom to get them and walked all the way to the front of the store to drop them off at the guest service. No wonder  I average  17000 steps a day.
A couple hours later ,she calls back,and wants a different pair to be put on hold,she is on her computer at home,I go and check ,and we do not have it ( even though on the internet it says we had some ,well lady ,we don't have any).She wanted some shoes with heels and white only.
lady: my daughter wants some  with heels.
me: we don't have any her size.
lady: maybe you could find some flat ones,that are not sparkly,and that would go with a dress that is not dressy,blue and green.
me: I can't shop for you
lady:I am not asking you to shop for me,I just want you to find some shoes,so my husband can pick them up,he works down the street from the store.
me: I really don't have time to do that ,you are welcome to come to  the store.
Bitch : I want to talk to a manager!
Angel: go ahead! ( I hung up on her)
I went ahead and talk to my supervisor,and he gave me a Tee shirt and a pedometer!
Talked to another supervisor who advise the phone operator to block that woman from calling the floor...

well she called again! and guess what? she wanted to know if we had the shoes she wanted yesterday  ( the ones we didn't have)..noone on the floor wanted to take the call,she was on hold for 30mn...

today's steps: 17342!

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