Friday, April 15, 2011

Purchase versus transaction.

whoever decided to have only 2 cashiers on the schedule on a friday evening needs to be fed to aligators....

on my walkie I hear "back up needed at the frontlane"...oh great ,I have a hundreds of  onesies size newborn  to refold for the tenth time but who cares,not that woman with 3 kids who was talking on the phone and let her kids run wild in the infant dept,maybe someone else will go ,maybe??? shoot ...the managers calls out my name...dammit dammit least I won't find an other pair of baby pants with snots on it for a while..
I open a register ,and here comes busy woman who unloads 20 deo,12 shampoos,5 softeners etc and at the end gives me her crap load of coupons...
 me: well ,I can't accept this coupons,this one or this one,and certainly not the duplicate one from target,see the little fine print " one per transaction " ,well it means one .
lady: but I was able to use multiple ones the last time,and beside you took the 7 for the purex .
me: I know ,but the one for the purex says one per purchase  not one for per transaction.
lady : hum what? that is the same
me: not it is not,you are doing one transaction with your multiple purchases.
maybe I should have a dictionary next to me...

and here comes a couple arguing,he is spending too much ,and of course doesn't have enough money ,she is complaining and takes a $20 out of her bra ,deep in there , and hands it to me....noooooooooooooo.I can see the other cashiers laughing.apparently she is a regular,and that is where she stashes her money....purell please!!!!

tantrum 4 year old who wants a candy ...and mommy finally after 15 mn gives in ,after tantrum kid unwrap candy,but tantrum kid doesn't want the candy she opens and wants a different one.mommy gets a different one and hands it to me,I asked her about the one her kid opened,and seems annoyed that I saw that..well duh,you are going to pay for it..

overpleasing mommy who apologized to her 7 year old son who dropped his icee on the floor in front of my register. oh ,the icee  was too slippery,he didn't mean to do it...she is going to go buy him an another one...but not clean teh mess..leave it to me to do it... 

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